Beside several other, common scanner controller cards BeamConstruct supports the Sintec Optronics™ ETH6608™ scanner controller board. This is a ethernet scanner card which can be used for 3D marking applications when operated with BeamConstruct. It provides all major functions and signals that are necessary for common laser marking applications and offers the following features:

To get the board please follow these few steps:
  1. Check out the scanner controllers users manual for its wiring, features, functions and capabilities
  2. Order the ETH6608 board at the hardware vendors website
  3. Get OpenAPC / BeamConstruct version 2.6 or newer
  4. Connect the board according to the manual and start marking!


Usage, configuration, features and functions of the ETH6608-plug-in are described within the general users manual. Beside of that you can find some ETH6608™ specific ressources here:

  • The homepage of the vendor of the board for all general hardware-related, payment and shipping questions
  • The manual that describes the boards functions, capabilties, signals and wiring when it is used with BeamConstruct: eth6608_manual.pdf

ETH6608™ hardware and design is © by Sintec Optronics, please refer to for more details